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SRA 101 :: macOS Support Essentials 10.12 (Sierra 101)

macOS Support Essentials 10.12

3 Days-$1,500.00


macOS knowledge and basic computer navigation skills.

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SRA 101 :: macOS Sierra Support Essentials 10.12 (Sierra 101) is a three-day course that gives you a tour of macOS Sierra and covers the best ways to support macOS Sierra users. The course includes lectures and hands-on exercises that provide real-world experience.

Who Should Attend
• Help desk specialists, technical coordinators, technical support personnel, service technicians, technology specialists, power users, teachers, and others who support Mac users in education or business organizations
• Technical coordinators, teachers, or power users who manage computer networks or computer labs that run macOS

What you’ll learn
• The macOS Sierra troubleshooting process
• How to use macOS Sierra tools and resources to troubleshoot macOS Sierra
• macOS Sierra features and functionality, including how to find more information about macOS Sierra
• How to prepare for Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) 10.12 certification

Install macOS Sierra

• About macOS Sierra
• Select an Installation Method
• Prepare to Upgrade a Previous System
• Prepare the System Disk
• Upgrade and Install macOS
• Troubleshoot Installation Issues
• Prepare a Mac for Upgrade
• Upgrade to macOS Sierra
• Erase a Mac System and Install macOS Sierra
• Verify System Installation

Set Up and Configure macOS

• Configure a New System
• Manage System Settings
• Inspect System Information
• Configure a New macOS System for Exercises
• Configure an Existing macOS System for Exercises
• Examine System Preferences
• Download the Student Materials in a Classroom
• Download the Student Materials Independently
• Install a Configuration Profile
• Examine System Information

Use macOS Recovery

• Start Up From macOS Recovery
• About macOS Recovery Utilities
• Create a macOS Recovery Disk
• Use macOS Recovery
• Create a macOS Install Disk

Update macOS

• Manually Install Software Updates in a Classroom
• Manually Install Software Updates Independently
• Use Automatic Software Update
• About Automatic Software Updates
• Manually Install Updates
• Examine Installation History

Manage User Accounts

• About User Accounts
• Configure User Accounts
• Restrict Local User Access
• Configure Login and Fast User Switching
• Create a Standard User Account
• Create a Managed User Account

Manage User Home Folders

• About User Home Folders
• Delete User Accounts
• Migrate and Restore Home Folders
• Restore a Deleted User Account

Manage Security and Privacy

• About Password Security
• Manage Secrets in Keychain
• Use iCloud Keychain
• Manage System Security
• Manage User Privacy
• Manage Keychains

Manage Password Changes

• Change Known Passwords
• Reset Lost Passwords
• Reset User Keychains
• Secure System Startup
• Reset Account Passwords in macOS Recovery
• Reset Account Passwords
• Create a New Keychain
• Use a Firmware Password
• File Systems and Storage (Section)

Manage File Systems and Storage

• About File Systems
• Mount, Unmount, and Eject Disks
• Inspect File-System Components
• Manage File Systems
• Troubleshoot File Systems
• Repartition a Disk Dynamically
• Erase a Disk
• Repair Partitions and Volumes in Target Disk Mode
• Repair Partitions and Volumes in Recovery Mode

Manage FileVault

• About FileVault
• Enable FileVault
• Use FileVault Recovery
• Turn On FileVault
• Restart a FileVault-Protected System
• Use a FileVault Recovery Key
• Turn Off FileVault

Manage Permissions and Sharing

• About File-System Permissions
• Examine Permissions for Sharing
• Manage Permissions
• Create Items with Default Permissions
• Test Permissions Changes

Use Hidden Items, Shortcuts, and File Archives

• Examine Hidden Items
• Examine Bundles and Packages
• Use File-System Shortcuts
• Use File Archives
• Navigate Hidden Items

Manage System Resources

• About macOS File Resources
• About System Integrity Protection
• Manage Font Resources
• Manage Font Resources

Use Metadata, Spotlight, and Siri Exercise

• About File System Metadata
• Search With Spotlight and Siri
• Examine File Metadata

Manage Time Machine

• About Time Machine
• Configure Time Machine
• Restore from Time Machine
• Configure Time Machine
• Restore Using Time Machine
• Applications and Processes

Install Applications

• Use the Mac App Store
• About Process Environments
• About Application Security
• Use Traditional Installation Methods
• Remove Installed Software
• Use the Mac App Store
• Use an Installer Package
• Use a Drag-and-Drop Install
• Remove Applications

Manage Documents

• Use Alternate Applications
• Use Auto Save and Versions
• Manage Document Locking
• Store Documents in iCloud

Manage and Troubleshoot Applications

• About Applications and Processes
• Manage Application Extensions
• Monitor Applications and Processes
• Troubleshoot Applications
• Force Applications to Quit
• Examine Application Diagnostics

Manage Basic Network Settings

• About Network Terminology
• About Network Activity
• Configure Basic Network Settings
• Connect to a Wi-Fi Network
• Monitor Network Connectivity

Manage Advanced Network Settings

• Manage Network Locations
• About Network Interfaces and Protocols
• Manage Network Services
• Configure VPN Settings
• Configure Advanced Network Settings
• Configure Network Locations
• Configure Network Service Order
• Configure VPN Settings
• Advanced Wi-Fi Configuration

Troubleshoot Network Issues

• Troubleshoot General Network Issues
• Troubleshoot Using Network Utility
• Troubleshoot Network Connectivity
• Configure a Network Service Account

Manage Network Services

• About Network Services
• Configure Network Service Applications
• Connect to File-Sharing Services
• Troubleshoot Network Services
• Use File-Sharing Services
• Troubleshoot Network Services

Manage Host Sharing and Personal Firewall

• Enable Host-Sharing Services
• Control Remote Computers
• Share Files via AirDrop
• Manage the Personal Firewall
• Troubleshoot Shared Services
• Use Host-Sharing Services
• Configure the Personal Firewall

Troubleshoot Peripherals

• About Peripheral Technologies
• Manage Bluetooth Devices
• Troubleshoot Peripheral Issues
• Examine Peripherals via System Information

Manage Printers and Scanners

• About Printing in macOS
• Configure Printers and Scanners
• Manage Print Jobs
• Troubleshoot Printing Issues
• Configure Printing
• Manage Printing
• Troubleshoot the Printing System

Troubleshoot Startup and System Issues

• Understand System Initialization
• About User Sessions
• About Sleep Modes, Logout, and Shutdown
• Use Startup Shortcuts
• Troubleshoot System Initialization
• Troubleshoot User Sessions
• Examine System Startup
• Use Single-User Mode

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